Indoor air quality is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ is known to affect the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome, reduced productivity, and impaired learning in schools.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

The quality of the air we breathe, indoors and outdoors, has a direct effect on our health and comfort. You may notice some of the more prominent side effects of indoor air pollution, like an unpleasant odor, but many others go undetected.

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Indoor air quality is affected in many ways. A primary source of complaint is poor ventilation air quality. This can cause allergies, skin irritations, respiratory problems and bacterial infections.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems (including Air Conditioning Systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.

Bacteria swabs and dust thickness can be taken before and after a cleaning programme to establish an acceptable datum for bacteria and dust monitoring. Movement in the bacteria and dust levels would promote the cleaning frequency.

We are at your service to discuss cost-effective solutions to your Indoor Air Quality Survey and Cleaning requirements but to discuss the requirements associated with:

  • Ventilation Systems
  • Pre-Commissioning Cleans
  • Clean Rooms
  • Kitchen Deep Cleans
  • Fire / Smoke
  • Contaminated Ductwork
  • Plant Refurbishment